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Lignos X

iff consulting & software GmbH
Gartenstrasse 2
D-72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler
fon: +49 (0)7445 85220
fax: +49 (0)7445 852299
e-mail: info@***SPAMSCHUTZ***

35 years of experience... fit for future

The extensive LIGNOS software library exists for 35 years.

"venture the new, retain the old"


Many of the old principles of organisation are still valid, and were consequently developing and improving LIGNOS-X.

But the Lignos-X software-modules are always up to date. 

 - Professional information-architecture.
 - Far ahead of the development in general.

What is LIGNOS-X ?

Lignos-X is the EDP-organisationsytem for the multi-variant woodworking and polymer processing industry.

 All major organisation issues are covered:
     - Web based Customer Relation Management solutions
     - Order processing with focus on multi-variant solutions
     - Manufacturing control, automation
     - Calculation, time management
     - Materials logistics, scheduling
     - Supply-Chain-Management
     - Documentation-management
     - Financial integration etc.. 

Information needs consequence

Information processing is an importatnt cornerstone of a company.
Because of that EDP-organisation also means company strategy.
Alongside to  the desired direct benefits, future limitations have to be spotted and prevented.

LIGNOS-X guarantees the consistency of the organisation, avoids limitations and
ensures integration of decentralised applications.

LIGNOS-X brings financial and competitive advantages

Especially multi variant products show the advantage of LIGNOS-X


  • for the furniture industry
     - kitchens
     - office and laboratory furniture
     - household furniture
     - bedrooms
     - object furnishing
  • auxiliary industries
  • Bauelemente
  • individuelle Sonderfertigung bis zur
    Spezialsoftware für Fertighausbetriebe
  • window and facades
         (former lignos-f)
  • doors
        (früher Lignos-T)
  • von Norm- bis Objektbearbeitung


ERP, PPS etc. ist nicht genug... (Kopie 1)

Detailed industrie oriented

Detaillierte, branchenbezogene Feinsteuerungen als Bestandteil des integrierten PPS-Systems sind Voraussetzung für die tatsächliche Lösung Ihrer Probleme.